Benefits of reflexology

Reflexology has a significant positive effect on well-being.

Improved well-being means:

·      Better life satisfaction

·      Better personal worthwhileness

·      Happier outlook

·      Less anxiety

Other benefits:

·      Adds years to life

·      Improves recovery from illness

·      Greater resistance to developing illness

·      Can undo the negative effects of negative emotions

Reflexology treatments lead to better circulation, aiding the removal of waste products and toxins from body, including better bowel movement, by encouraging your body to heal itself and restoring its balance.

Who will benefit the most from the treatment?

A course of reflexology treatment will help you to relax, allowing your body to release tension. This in turn improves the quality of sleep, improves mood and increases well-being.

It is highly recommended for people experiencing high levels of stress, and/or those who feel tension in their body.

Dangers to feeling stressed for a prolonged period of time

Stress can affect anyone of any age and has proven links to heart disease, insomnia and poor immunity.

Studies shows that work stress has been associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease due to an increase in systolic blood pressure and heart rate during and after work. These factors can contribute to cardiovascular disease.

Chronic stress contributes to obesity by increasing food intake and abdominal fat deposits.


How did you feel after the treatment?

I felt totally comfortable and relaxed. So much so, I nearly fell asleep during the treatment. My back is always better after eery session, and it's truly worth the fee!

Pat B, Chadwell Heath